Data Protection


Data Protection

Name, contact details, education, professional experience and the salary information you provided. The legal basis is you actively sending your documents and, if applicable, an application letter. We see this as a clear interest in the position.

We generally file your data for a maximum of 12 months after you have actively applied. Within this period you will receive an email from us, in which we invite you to continue storing your data with us and to confirm this with a link. If you do not do this, your data will be deleted 12 months after we have received it.

If you consent to further storage, we will contact you at regular intervals at the email address specified in the application and ask for an extension of your consent or any updates to your CV. If you do not actively agree to an extension, your documents will automatically be removed from our system. We understand an update of your documents as active consent in the sense of a conclusive action.

We only use your data to evaluate your qualification for the position for which you have actively applied. In the course of this application process, your data will also be passed on to our client using a secure communication platform.
If you have agreed for your documents to be saved, we will also compare your qualification profile with new vacancies and contact you if we think the new position could be of interest to you.

Please contact us from the email address given in your application; this is how we determine your identity and the legality of the request for deletion.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have personally during business hours.

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